Welcome to The Social Selling Intensive Pre session Questionnaire. The more information you provide me the better our two day intensive will be. I am looking forward to working with you and will contact you to arrange for payment and session details within 3 business days.
I'd like to start by getting to know you.  What is your first and last name? *

Do you know your Myers Briggs type? Fascination Advantage? Enneagram number? Strengths Finder five? *

Knowing these results helps me get a better sense of your strengths as a business owner.  I'd like to know all of the above, but will settle for knowing at least one of these results.
How would you describe the business you are in? *

How long have you been in business? *

I'd like to visit your digital home can I have the name of your business and your web address, please? *

The Instagram account you use for business? *

Please describe the people you work with. *

Do you work with creative women in business as an example? How might your clients identify themselves?
What problem does a typical client come to you to for help to solve? *

What is the first action you ask a client to take that leads to a sale? *

Name 3 to 5 core values that have helped to shape your business. *

What business struggle specifically are you having that you hope this intensive will address? *

Consider how you felt when you decided to do this intensive. What feelings and thoughts were stirring in you that had you take action? What are you hoping to find out about your business that you feel you do not currently have access to? *

If you could ensure your customer/client felt a specific way as a result of working with you, what would you want them to say about you and/or your business? *

Describe the area(s) of your business that are the most challenging for you. In what areas do you feel challenged with the  clients you serve or product you are selling? *

What does an ideal interaction that ends in a sale with you, look like? Describe this in as step by step as you possibly can and try not to judge yourself about it. Let it be what it is. How do you hope your client/customer will feel as they work with you or experience the result of your work?

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